Green Gold Energy

2020 Capability Statement

Green Gold Energy Pty Ltd is a specialised company in the development, construction, operation and general contracting of solar farms. Since its inception, it has maintained close ties with the local government and SA Power Networks (SAPN) and has become a pioneer in the renewable energy industry in South Australia. Green Gold Energy established its Melbourne office in 2019, focusing on Victoria and New South Wales project development. Green Gold Energy offers solar PV project services including project site selection, PV system design, equipment procurement, network connection application, development approval application, construction, operation and maintenance for customers and system owners. 

Green Gold Energy boasts overseas PV technology and enterprise management experience to ensure high quality and comprehensive service. This wealth of knowledge and understanding has laid an unparalleled foundation for Green Gold Energy’s development in the renewable EPC industry.

Green Gold Energy actively works to provide renewable energy solutions to a plethora of communities; from small business owners, to governments and large corporations. All the while, Green Gold Energy continuing to introduce the newest PV technologies including energy storage to its customers.

Core Competencies:

Green Gold Energy is an industry leader in the design and implementation of small-scale to large- scale renewable projects.

The company offers the following services across Australia:

  • Renewable energy project consulting
  • Solar Farm Development (Utility & Sub 5MW)
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction
  • Project Operation & Maintenance
  • CER ESCOSA Registration & LGC Management

Solar Service

In the field of large-scale PV systems, Green Gold Energy provides clients with an integrated solution including site selection, system design, project application, connection approval application, DA application, Engineering, procurement, construction and O&M, which covers the entire process from initial stages to project completion.

List of services:

Renewable energy project consulting

  • Network study and site selection 
  • Grid connection application 
  • Development application 
  • Engineering design 


  • Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) – providing complete power station projects for investors 
  • System Integration, completing the corresponding EPC overall management services according to clients’ needs

The Team

Green Gold Energy strongly believes in the importance of fostering a healthy, dynamic and solid work team and culture, employing a collective of highly skilled individuals. Green Gold Energy is devoted to offering staff consistent and comprehensive opportunities to guide and promote personal and professional development.

This commitment to growth allows Green Gold Energy to retain valuable and proficient employees and maintain a high standard of service and performance.

This employee development plan enables Green Gold Energy to provide opportunities for growth and engagement across a diverse range of exciting and unique projects around Australia, allowing the company to sustain a highly efficient business structure.

Today, Green Gold Energy employs a team of 20 highly skilled electricians, apprentices and trade assistants, to work on projects across South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Quality Assurance

Green Gold Energy is committed to providing our clients with outstanding service in an efficient and effective manner.

To ensure that all our work adheres to current industry legislation, we have established a quality assurance program to provide our clients with an assurance of the product’s quality. This will ensure our products and services meet current and future customer requirements.

We constantly review our operations with our key stakeholders and continuously monitor all levels and inputs into our organisation to achieve improvements wherever possible.

Above all, we maintain a high level of transparency with our clients, staff and suppliers, to ensure we continue to maintain open, honest and positive transactions and relationships. We understand the importance of our relationships, and take great care to ensure they remain dynamic and productive.

We take great pride in our work – making sure that our projects are completed not only on time and on budget but in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner.

In accordance with the definition of standards, we implement the relevant policies to achieve the following:

• To ensure the highest quality of service
• Make everyone in the organisation aware of their responsibilities in maintaining and improving the quality of our products and service
• Commitment to the achievement of higher standards of customer satisfaction, consistent with professional standards and ethics as define by the professional bodies associated with the Quality Assurance Industry
• To achieve and maintain a reputation and image of quality


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Green Gold Energy is a team of qualified specialists. Our expertise lies in the renewable energy system design and installation. The team at Green Gold has many years of experience, working on a vast range of projects all over Australia. 

2018 Lot 17 Jury Road 1MW Solar Farm – SA
399 Distillery Road 1MW Solar Farm – SA
35 Claxton Road 400k Solar Farm – SA
167 Jock Barrett Road 1MW Solar Farm – SA
2017 57 Begara 200KW Solar Farm – SA
159 Lobban Road 200kW Solar Farm – SA

Address: 268 Glen Osmond Rd, Fullarton SA 5063
Telephone: 1300 129 976
Email: [email protected]