What kind of land do I need to qualify as a potential Green Gold Solar Farm partner?

Not every parcel of land is viable for a Green Gold solar farm. But if you have a piece of land adjacent to a three-phase powerline, there may well be an opportunity to develop one.  You don’t need to spend your time wondering any further; Contact Us immediately for an on the spot viability study, and to receive more information.  There is absolutely no obligation to proceed.

Is there any investment or financial commitment required from landowners?

None whatsoever. The Green Gold partnership with Landowners is purely a Lease arrangement, where you will be paid an annual fee in advance for leasing a portion of your land.

How big are your solar farms?

Green Gold is a developer of sub-utility solar farms, or Solar Farms less than 5 Megawatts (MW). Generally, our sites are under 40 acres in size.

How much land can I lease to Green Gold?

Green Gold will apply for the maximum sized solar farm (up to 5MW) that your land can accommodate. This can be up to 40 acres of land, sometimes a little larger.  However, during the Network and Council approval process, there may be constraining factors that reduce the allowable farm size, meaning less land is needed.

We suggest that you Contact Us for a one on one conversation about the results that we’ve achieved to date with other Landowners.

I want to sell my land; are you interested?

Potentially Yes. Whilst Green Gold does prefer a lease arrangement with Landowners, under certain criteria, we will also look to purchase allotments.  Please Contact Us for further discussion.

How long does a build usually take?

Once construction commences on site, a 5MW solar farm will generally be completed in less than 6 months.

Will clearing the land for a solar farm create a lot of dust that will bother me and/or my neighbours?

Green Gold take every effort to minimise dust during construction. Wherever required, our team and related contractors follow a CEMP, or Construction Environmental Management Plan, which is stamped by council as part of the approval process. 

Once the solar farm is operational how do landowners get paid?

Landowners are paid an annual lease for their land, one year in advance.  Lease payments are fixed for the term of the contract and will be reviewed for an increase in line with CPI on an annual basis.

Once the solar farm is completed who owns it?

After completion, Green Gold may choose to hold ownership of the solar farm, or it may be assigned to a separate party.

How often will people be visiting my land? And what will they be doing?

Solar farms need very little maintenance; any system problems can be identified remotely and dealt with quickly by accredited technicians.  A typical solar farm may only receive a few visits per year from a small number of contractors. Landowners are not responsible for any upkeep of the solar farm.  

What happens to the solar farm at the end of its operational lifetime?

Under the terms of the Lease with landowners, any land utilised will be returned to its original state at the end of the contract term.

How is my land managed and protected?

Green Gold respects the history of land care that sits behind many of our sites, and we respect the long-term stewardship arrangements that we are entering into.  We have a number of land protection and management measures available as conditions for our leases, which are recommended by experts in vegetation and ecology. If you have further specific requirements when it comes to how your land will be managed and protected, we would welcome a conversation.  Please Contact Us to discuss further.

Are Green Gold negotiable to arrangements such share-farm planting or livestock grazing within a leased area?

Unfortunately not.  There are WH&S regulations and licensing constraints around the operation of Power Stations in South Australia that prevent us from entering into such agreements.

How is Green Gold different from other commercial solar farm developers?

Green Gold has built a reputation in the renewables industry as reliable sub-utility solar farm developer. People turn to us because of our ability to deliver results, not simply make promises. We work closely with landowners in identifying optimum sites, and with a team of industry professionals to complete these quality projects on time. We are proudly a South Australian company, employing local people, and it is well known that we deliver quality outcomes for our landowners, investors and the local community.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us today.