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Dear Clients and Partners,

 As we bid farewell to another eventful year, we are excited to share the key highlights and achievements of Green Gold Energy (GGE) in 2023. Our commitment to providing turnkey solutions for Solar+ Projects has led us to new heights this year, further solidifying our position in the renewable energy sector. 

We consistently extend our project pipelines, perpetually developing and building solar farms and battery storage systems for a sustainable future.


Project Milestones / Large scale projects

Commissioned Projects

•Loveday Solar & Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)                                              We commissioned the Loveday Solar & Battery Energy Storage System project on 4th May 2023, a milestone in our journey towards a more sustainable future. It is our first DC-coupled Battery project and one of the first DC-coupled BESS projects commissioned in Australia.

Elwomple Solar & BESS                              We commenced construction on 15th Feb 2023 and connected to SA Power Networks with full capacity on 10th August. It is a hybrid project battery energy storage system.

Under-construction Projects

•Mannum Solar & BESS.                                  After completing the Elwomple project, the Mannum project broke ground in early August. The initiation of fencing, as well as civil, electrical, and mechanical operations, is proceeding according to schedule. It is another hybrid project with a 4.95 MWac solar, and the first stage of battery capacity of 5.5 MWh. An additional 5.5 MWh battery system is indicative only and shall be confirmed.

Ready to Build Projects

Engineering Consultant Cases (Except GGE’s own project)

·Brisbane Rooftop Solar Projects

•Four Solar & BESS projects with a 4.95 MWac & 11 MWh(each) in NSW

Our in-house engineering team provided the service of managing grid connection applications and studies.

Project Milestones / Utility- scale projects are under development

Morgan Solar Project

Morgan solar farm will play an important role in contributing to both the increasing need for affordable, sustainable, renewable energy and in tackling the global issues of climate change. The project consists of a large-scale solar photovoltaic generation facility, potentially including battery storage upon request, with an estimated capacity of 100MW, enough to power over 47,400 houses. Further decisions around alternatives will be made during detailed design to minimise environmental and social impacts while maintaining investment viability.

An estimated system capacity is 135MWdc, 108 MWac and BESS capacity is 400MWh.

Australia Plains Solar Project (APSP)

The project consists of a large-scale solar photovoltaic generation facility, potentially including battery storage upon request.

An estimated system capacity is 200MWdc, 180 MWac and BESS capacity is 400MWh.

BESS-only Project in SA: 270MW 600MWh

Project Milestones / Commercial and Industrial projects

• Market Plaza- Adelaide: 298kW  We provide a turnkey solution. Our in-house engineering team, including Clean Energy Council (CEC) certified staff, was responsible for the design. The installation team offers highly efficient service, and the 298kW system was completed within two weeks.

• Sunshine Beach Microgrid: 1MW                  Sunshine Beach Resort and Residence (“Sunshine Beach”), an award-winning beachfront development in Phuket, to sign a contract for the 1MW micro-grid project, including 1 MW rooftop solar power system, Battery Energy Storage System and EV charging station. This partnership represents a significant milestone in the nation’s journey towards sustainable energy and reinforces both companies’ commitment to environmental stewardship.  

Community Engagement and Economic Impact

Local Employment Opportunities: This year’s projects have created approximately 60 jobs, including 20 long-term positions, boosting the local economy and promoting sustainable development in our operating regions.

Community Events: We hosted successful community events for Australian Diver- Shixin Li, raising almost $59,086 in donations to the Australian Sports Foundation in May 2023. We also got support from local governments and community members.

Adelaide United Football Club: Adelaide United Football Club was founded in September 2003 joining the National Soccer League (NSL) ahead of the 2003/04 season following the withdrawals of both West Adelaide and Adelaide City. GGE has been a sponsor for 3 years; GGE invited more than 1000 football lovers to watch the games.

Forestville Eagle Basketball Club: Forestville Eagles is a NBL1 Central club based in Adelaide, South Australia. The club fields both a men’s and women’s team. The club is a division of the overarching Forestville Eagles Basketball Club (FEBC), the major administrative basketball organisation in the region. GGE has been a sponsor for two years to support the youth program.

Youth Opportunity: Youth Opportunity is a non-profit organisation who creates opportunities for young people to become personal leaders and develop lifelong skills, habits and confidence to thrive. GGE is committed to the welfare of future generations, and we encourage your involvement in the program to support the development and growth of the youth

Looking Ahead

As another fruitful year concludes at Green Gold Energy, we enthusiastically look forward to what lies ahead. Significant achievements, such as the extension of our solar farms and our battery energy storage systems projects from South Australia into Victoria and New South Wales, have marked our journey over the past year. These achievements have laid a solid groundwork for the objectives we’ve established for the coming year. Thank you for your continued support and partnership. We look forward to another year of innovation, growth, and commitment to a greener future.

Kind Regards,

John Huang

Managing Director