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The Green Gold Energy executive team has been actively helping South Australian landowners reactivate and repurpose land parcels for over fifteen years. We have commissioned over 20+ solar projects in the State. We specialise in developing, engineering, procurement, and construction of medium to large-scale renewable projects. 

We are now actively seeking suitable sites in VIC and NSW.

Green Gold Energy is a South Australian company with a deep understanding of the land and communities we operate in.

All of the projects we deliver meet the highest quality and safety standards, and our work is compliant with all national certifications and state regulations.

Green Gold Energy has exceptional relationships with South Australian, New South Wales, and Victoria network service providers and local government organisations. We have a reputation as one of the most trusted solar project leaders in the country.

We provide our landowners with a tailored, integrated solution, covering the entire process from initial site identification to project completion and long-term operation. 

Lease or Sell

Not every parcel of land is viable for a Green Gold solar farm. But if you have a piece of land adjacent to a three-phase powerline, there may well be an opportunity to develop one. We are always open to discussing projects with potential partners.

Green Gold has a number of land management measures available as conditions for our leases, recommended by experts in vegetation and ecology.

We strive to accommodate specific requirements where possible, when it comes to how your land will be managed and protected.

We’d love to hear from you!

If you have blocks of land that meet the following requirements: 

  1. Next to three-phase powerlines
  2. Relatively flat
  3. Minimal native vegetation