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Green Gold Energy is the South Australian company partnering with landowners and investors to re-purpose land for large-scale Solar Farms and energy storage systems. 

Our core business matches land titles of up to 40 acres with the necessary investment to build and implement commercially viable Solar Farms.

Our solar farm projects are designed to export generated energy into the grid, enabling it to be sold on the National Electricity Market. We utilise the latest state-of-the-art PV technologies to ensure the most efficient, reliable power generation.

We are a specialised company in developing, construction, operation and general contracting of solar farms. Since its inception, it has maintained close ties with the local government and SA Power Networks and has become a pioneer in the renewable energy industry in South Australia. Green Gold Energy offers solar PV project services, including project site selection, PV system design, equipment procurement, network connection application, development approval application, construction, operation and maintenance for customers and system owners.

Green Gold Energy is the industry leader with superior local knowledge, ensuring that we deliver only the best projects to our clients. Our leadership team is a diverse mix of SA and VIC based professionals, from Electrical Engineers to experts in Real Estate. Our staff keep ahead of the latest industry developments, providing our clients with a stress-free and smooth experience.


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